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Remember When?


Clarke Central Gladiators

20 Year High School Reunion

Remember When?

10 Year Reunion Memories

L-R: Sam Swingle, Brian Hall, Jay Langford, Donna Ward Miller, Greg Glenn

L-R: Donna Ward Miller, Melissa Tweedell (now Cummings), Sharyn Stewart Dickerson, Heidi Shannon Cook, Vicky Saye Henderson

L-R: Sharyn Stewart Dickerson, Senain Khesghi, Eddie Sams, and Cathryn Stewart (now Staudigl)

Oh those high school memories........

L-R: Donna Ward Miller and Beth Holland Saye

L-R: Melissa Tweedell Cummings, Donna Ward Miller, Melissa Snyder Chalker, Beth Holland Saye,
and Heidi Shannon Cook

L-R: (Back row) Heidi Shannon Cook, Deborah Payne, Karen Shedd Nunn, Beth Holland Saye, and Melissa Snyder Chalker. (Front row) Lisa Passmore Queen and Melissa Tweedell Cummings.

L-R: Heidi Shannon Cook and Donna Ward Miller










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